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Factors Affect Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Murray, UT

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Murray, UT, is $603. If you are a homeowner in Murray, you may be wondering what the average cost of homeowners insurance is in your area. Homeowners insurance is essential to protect your home and personal belongings from unexpected events such as theft, fire, and natural disasters. In this article, we will take a closer look at the average cost of homeowners insurance in Murray, UT, and explore some factors that can affect your premiums. Whether you are a new homeowner or looking to renew your existing policy, understanding the cost of homeowners insurance in your area can help you make informed decisions and find the right coverage for your needs.

Factors Affecting Home Insurance in Murray, UT:

1. Homeowners insurance rates by coverage levels

2. Homeowners insurance rates by deductibles

3. Homeowners insurance rates by the age of the home

4. Homeowners insurance rates by the safety features

Homeowners insurance costs in Murray, UT, by the Coverage level

The level of coverage a homeowner selects can also impact homeowners insurance costs in Murray, UT. Coverage levels can vary depending on the type of insurance policy and the homeowner's specific needs. Generally, the more comprehensive the coverage, the higher the insurance premium. Homeowners who opt for a basic policy with limited coverage may pay less each month, but they may also be left with gaps in coverage if their home is damaged or if they experience a loss. If a person in Murray, Utah, decides to get $200K coverage for their home insurance, they will pay $535. Depending on the coverage type, more information about the cost of home insurance in Murray, UT, can be found in the chart below. Homeowners who want more extensive coverage may pay higher premiums, but they can have greater peace of mind knowing that their homes and possessions are better protected.

Homeowners Insurance Rates by Deductibles in Murray, UT

Homeowners insurance rates in Murray, UT, can also vary based on the deductible selected by the homeowner. A deductible is an out-of-pocket amount the homeowner is responsible for paying before the insurance policy kicks in. Generally, the higher the deductible, the lower the insurance premium. Homeowners willing to assume a higher financial risk in the event of a claim can opt for a higher deductible to reduce their monthly insurance costs. However, weighing the potential savings against the increased financial responsibility is important before deciding on a deductible. In Murray, UT, homeowners who select a $2000 deductible pay $461 for their home insurance. Homeowners in Murray, UT, who chose a $500 deductible for their homeowner's insurance pay $596.

Homeowners Insurance Rates in Murray, UT, by the Age of the Home

The age of a home can also impact homeowners insurance rates in Murray, UT. Older homes may have outdated wiring, plumbing, and other systems that can increase the risk of accidents and damage. As a result, insurance providers may charge higher premiums to homeowners with older homes. On the other hand, newer homes may be built to modern safety standards and may qualify for lower insurance rates. For instance, homeowners insurance in Murray, Utah, will cost $428 for a newly built home, while it will cost $619 for a house that is 40 years old. Homeowners should consult with their insurance providers to determine how the age of their home may impact their insurance rates and what steps they can take to mitigate any potential increases.

Homeowners Insurance Rates According to Safety Features, Murray, UT

Homeowners insurance rates in Murray, UT, can vary depending on the safety features present in the home. Insurance providers may offer discounts to homeowners with installed safety features such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, burglar alarms, and security cameras. These features can reduce the risk of accidents and theft, which makes the home safer to insure. For example, homes with smoke detectors and deadbolts in Murray, Utah, pay $549 and $525 on homeowners' insurance, respectively.

Top Home Insurance Companies in Murray, UT

Home Insurance Company A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating Homeowners Insurance Market share
Erie A+ 8%
Liberty Mutual A 6.7%
Travelers A++ 6%
GEICO A++ 4.1%
Nationwide A+ 3%

Top Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Agents in Murray, UT

Homeowners Insurance Agents Agent Address Contact Details
Paul M Cunningham Lutcf 1441 E Fort Union Blvd
(801) 944-9600
David Wlostowski 2664 W 9000 S
(801) 999-4846
Anthony Bowie Lsr 8783 S Redwood Rd Ste B
Kathy Irizarry 20 SOUTH MAIN
David Mccoy Lutcf 1361 N Highway 89 Ste 16
(801) 671-1600
Eric Smalls 8538 S 1300 E
(801) 604-4518
Frederick Gosdenovich 9 S Main PO Box 297
(435) 336-5665
Kenny Henderson 520 E 770 N
Amanda Keuntjes 220 Millpond Ste 108
Paul Kemp 1821 Sidewinder Dr Ste 4
(801) 746-7588

Top Erie Home Insurance Agents in Murray, UT

Homeowners Insurance Agents Agent Address Contact Details
Integrated Insurance Solutions Inc. 8545 S REDWOOD RD STE D 84088
Randal A Bohannon 922 S Main St
(801) 785-4433
Ray Insurance Group Llc 2050 W 5700 S 84067
(801) 775-0424
Patton Insurance Inc 11576 S STATE ST STE 1202A 84020
(801) 316-1390
Herring & Bickers Insurance Agency Inc. 2943 WASHINGTON BLVD
Northwest Ins Brokers Inc 11142 HIGHLAND BLVD STE 300 84003
(801) 216-4545
Integrated Insurance Solutions Inc. 3818 WEST 5400 SOUTH 84118
Baker & Associates Inc 670 E 700 S
Herrnberger Insurance Inc. 1920 WEST 5200 SOUTH
Herrick Insurance Services 300 E 2650 N SUITE 220 84414

Top Nationwide Home Insurance Agents in Murray, UT

Homeowners Insurance Agents Agent Address Contact Details
Dorsey Insurance Agency Inc. 1635 E 3300 S
(801) 466-2556
Ed Troy Insurance Agency Inc 1920 W 250 N Ste 12
(801) 392-8633
B&R Ins & Fin Products Inc 1614 W 700 N Ste B
Ed Cantey Insurance Agency Inc 579 W 2600 S
(801) 295-9896
Ohanlon Insurance & Financial Services 2868 WASHINGTON BLVD
(801) 393-3656
Daniel M Winters 11451 S 700 East
Butler Insurance Services Incorporated 3971 S Redwood Rd Ste 6
J Philip Chubb Agency 11142 N HIGHLAND BLVD 300
Christopher D. Gardner 1294 W 12th St
Paul Michael Meagher 4256 S Main St
(801) 255-8005

Top GEICO Home Insurance Agents in Murray, UT

Homeowners Insurance Agents Agent Address Contact Details
Daniel Lucas 75 E Main Street
Paul Mays 9429 S Union Sq
(801) 501-0900

Top Travelers Home Insurance Agents in Murray, UT

Homeowners Insurance Agents Agent Address Contact Details
Bergan & Young Inc 7026 S 900 E
Amtrust Insurance 6783 S Redwood Rd Ste 103
Goosehead Insurance Agency Llc 7940 Williams Pond Ln Ste 275
(801) 451-8880
Mccann Insurance Group Llc 1218 W South Jordan Pkwy STE D
(801) 639-0078
Atkinson Leavitt Ins Agency Inc 2137 E 3300 S 84109
Dan Borowiak Agency 151 Historic 25th Street
Andre A Marcure 2196 W 3500 S Ste C6 84119-3446
J Rodney Fickel Ins Agency In 405 E 12450 S STE J
American Auto Insurance 2200 E 4500 S Ste 150 84117-4035
Iroquois Southwest Inc 30 E BROADWAY STE 202 84111

Homeowners Insurance Comparison for the Cheapest Premiums in Murray, UT

Liberty MutualErieGEICO
Median Home Value ($) 240,770230,770220,770
Construction year 200419731989
Home Coverage ($) $175000-$200000$175000-$200000$200000-$250000
Total Premium ($) $999$1003$1022

Murray, UT Multi Policy Discounts by Home Insurance Companies

Home Insurance Company Multi Policy Discount (%)
Liberty Mutual upto 17%
Erie upto 18%
Nationwide upto 9%
GEICO upto 18%
Travelers upto 5%